Stage & Lighting Design

Craft Your Set.

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Stage & lighting design is an often overlooked but critical aspect of live production.

Cutting-edge audio and video technologies communicate your message, but lighting and stage design reinforce both speakers and presentations to support narrative and add visual depth for both venue audiences and those watching remotely. A high-quality visual backdrop is invaluable in boosting the confidence of anyone on stage; helping increase performance quality.

At Repertoire, we plan events in meticulous detail using VectorWorks, the industry standard CAD program for building 3D layouts. We pre-plan and render illustrations of every aspect of your event, down to individual chairs. Our on-staff engineer can walk you through the process and help design a full 3D model that will make everything from load in to strike (tear-down) more efficient and organized.

Whether your message is best served with simple backdrops and soft, even light, or a highly creative and dynamic scene, Repertoire can help you navigate the creative process and produce a show that, quite literally, looks like no other.