4K c300 markii

Bringing the Big Guns, the Canon C300 Mark II

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Our company owns several Canon C300, C100, and the new C300 Mark II. The Mark II shoots beautiful high dynamic range footage in 4K and offers a large amount of image customization built in. We know this, you know this, so what are some features not often talked about? On a corporate shoot for a […]

Tricaster and three cam

How to Choose the Right AV Company

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Audio and visual technology is a critical part of every party, event, meeting, and even our homes and cars. It has been around long enough that there is a good chance there is already an AV company doing the work at your events. Unless some major catastrophe inspires you to find a new AV company, […]


How to Record Great Event Video

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Congratulations, you are planning an event! You are responsible for booking the venue, planning transportation, hiring a caterer, furnishing the space, possibly even creating the content through a carefully constructed cue to cue. With all these tasks vying for your attention, it’s easy to make stage design and recording an afterthought. That’s why it’s important to […]

av table

Top Five Best AV Practices for events

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Big events need a lot of preparation and planning. It seems as though there isn’t a linear correlation either. The more complex a show, the exponentially more complex the planning required. Many events need their own projection mapping, live streaming, twitter walls, and live music as well. This is all in addition to the intense […]

Projection Mapping at TEDxBerkeley 2016

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Earlier, I wrote about how we built the giant X for TEDxBerkeley 2016.  I’ve attached a video which features Jonathan describing how we wanted to raise the bar and do something dramatic and different.  We really wanted to make it an emotion experience for the audience. Using Vectorworks to design and map the entire stage, […]


How To Live Stream An Event

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Clients approach our company with the goal of putting on a big event and rewarding their audiences with a great show.  Usually we need to provide multiple broadcast cameras, video switching with Tricaster systems, projectors, and large screen monitors.  Invariably, the project drifts towards the new kid on the block, streaming. Streaming is still a […]

New Technology in the Old World

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One of the things I like most about the video and audio production industry is the chance to work in many different locations and environments. One day you may be in a corporate boardroom, the next in an art deco theater-I’ve even found myself shooting from a luxury yacht in the middle of the bay. […]

Ted X Berkeley-37

The Giant X at TEDxBerkeley 2016

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Repertoire Productions had the honor of producing TEDxBerkeley 2016 earlier this year.  While most of the project was routine (multicamera shoot, live streaming, projection, stage engineering, stage management, wireless audio and switching presentations), we decided to tackle a creative endeavor, projection mapping on a gigantic 3D “X.” We were faced with many challenges due to […]


How To Choose A Live Streaming Provider

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  Live streaming has become a necessity to include with major events.  We’re just beginning to enter a world where the majority has access to broadband internet allowing them to watch high definition video live from anywhere else in the world. The renaissance of live streaming has begun, and it is exciting to see how […]